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How To Invest in 2015

Have you always wondered how to generate passive income through equities? Or even wondered why people are investing instead of safe keeping their money in fixed deposits?

We have the same thoughts. We always thought the stock market to be highly volatile and hearing all those people losing their fortune overnight has steered us away.

During this hour or hour and a half long interview, your view may change. Ken will be telling you why investing is necessary, he will be sharing with you how he invest and a case study to show you his thought process on why and what he invest in!


Property for First Time Buyers

Owning a good property is essential for asset accumulation, not knowing how to choose the right one may turn a potential asset into serious liability. Learn from these well sought after experts on how to strategically select properties with immense resale value that will shape your future. Avoid the same mistakes many have made when purchasing your first property, or any properties in fact! Do not turn pots of gold into wealth draining shackles.


Turning your passion for fashion into a viable business

Ever thought of starting your own online fashion boutique but don't know where to start? Let entrepreneur and owner of VainGloriousYou, Tricia Ong share with you her tips and strategies on how you can get your own fashion business off the ground. During this 4-hour session, you'll learn how to set up your online or retail store, manufacture your own pieces, differentiate your brand from the crowd, and more!

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