We see ourselves   as the crazy ones.

Are you crazy enough to join us?



Crazy enough to believe that we can make a difference in people's lives as long as they have a dream. A dream to improve and add value to the world.

By creating an online learning platform for people who wish to advance to the next level in their careers and lives, we are providing the best tools for them to reach their success milestones in the shortest time possible - through the experience of successful entrepreneurs, experts and mentors (most of them were once called crazy too).




Being a cleaner in our company is easy as breeze, because all you need to do is clean our small little humble office & studio. And you only need to work twice per week. We are quite clean people to start with. Just not clean enough to operate without you.


We admit we are lazy to get out of office, even just for lunch. So your job is to bring back whatever we need from horrible outside world during office hour. Best part about this job is you get to travel around! In Singapore only. And transportation included!


We got all sort of gadgets, tools and apps to remember all the stuff that needs to be done within the company. But it seems we can’t get them sort out and put on schedule or working right on the track. So we someone to you babysit us.


You got to be thick skinned, you got to be outspoken, you got to be damn kiasu, you got to fight for the survival of our company! You got to be insane, not just crazy. You shall be our loud hailer for whatever we need to announce to the whole wide world. We dare you!