Success can be imparted.

Success Legacy is a mentor based further education platform. The company’s strategically crafted programs equip people and businesses to stand out in the real world with proven methods and workflows from sought-after mentors across multiple disciplines.

We are constantly adding new workshops to our catalog and they are free to watch and learn when the sessions are live.


To grow successful individuals groomed through our mentoring program. 


To be the world's leading platform providing real world education conducted by top mentors.


We firmly believe in the following 6 core values and have incorporated them into what we’re doing here at Success Legacy, to help add value to lives and positively impact the global job market and economy.

Life-Long Learning
Reinvest in yourself to acquire more knowledge and skills to compete in this rapidly advancing world.

Real World Ready
Being ready means embracing changes. Our programs are designed to equip you to excel in the present and remain significant in the future. 

Take Massive Actions
Apply what you've learnt. Practice makes perfect.                                                                  

Network is Net Worth
We take great care in building rapport with industry experts, influential figures, and business leaders. Let us share these resources with you.

Never Give Up, Ever
We make mistakes, we learn from it.                                                                                                       

Collective Gratitude
True success is meant to be shared. The spirit of Success Legacy is to give back, from mentors to community. And we’re making that happen.



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We’re big on effective organic education that's not limited by venue, time and cost.


Your education will be expedited by learning from mentors their relevant real-life experiences and successful workflows. Mentors’ network of quality services & partners to help you get a great head start will also be made accessible to you in the workshop or through bonus materials.


Watch and learn with us at the same time as we conduct our interactive live workshops. If you have questions, just ask away and the mentor will answer you in real-time! Questions will shape the workshop contents to suit your needs - that’s organic learning for you.


Invest in only the content that are of value to you. Our workshops are free to watch when they are broadcasting live. You only need to pay if you like to access the valuable content for further reference or if have missed the live session.